Today is such a bad day. I should have left the house. 

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My problem is that I sit inside all day watching television and listening to music and laying in bed and then moan that I haven’t done any work or exercise every day. My problem is that i eat crisps and carbs all day and then moan that i’ve put on two stone. My problem is that I leave revising until a week before and then cry because I get bad grades. My problem is I talk to and I sleep with the wrong people and then cry because I can’t remember what it feels like to truly like/love someone and to feel that love in return. 

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I don’t remember what love is anymore. I don’t remember the feeling of really liking someone. I just can’t. It’s like i’m hollow.

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I’m just so lost right now. I don’t feel like myself
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Someone please teach me how to love again, how to let someone in. Because my soul feels empty without you in it. And although my heart yearns for someone to hold, my head just won’t allow it. 

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Constantly trying not to care and constantly failing
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